Jahrgang 1985, als "Ossi" geboren, im beschaulichen Premnitz an der Havel aufgewachsen. Natur- und Kunstliebhaber. Seit über 10 Jahren Wahlbremerhavener, Küsten- und Windfan. So ziemlich an Allem interessiert. Schwerpunkte sind aber eindeutig Politik, Gesellschaft, Rechtswesen, Natur und Technik. Rotes Parteibuch, Mitglied des Jugendhilfeausschusses der Stadt Bremerhaven, Vorstandsmitglied der SPD Ortsvereins Bremerhaven Mitte. Freizeitblogger, Techniknerd.
Timo baut einen Kartoffelturm

Creative forms of cultivation in the allotment garden – building your own potato tower

In the allotment garden there are always corners that are unsuitable or too small for most cultivation methods. Today I wanted to show you a creative way to grow potatoes. We build a potato tower from a wire mesh, lawn cuttings and compost. Let’s try it out together and I’ll keep you informed with progress reports.

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Ferdinand von Schirach, Carl Tohrberg

Review: Carl Tohrberg – three stories, one reading recommendation

A short book requires a brief review. A talented baker from Berlin falls in love with a Japanese violinist and bakes her the best cake ever. Judge Manfred Seybold leads a monotonous life and clings after his retirement to the existing professional life. Carl Tohrberg, who gave his name to the book, intended to become a painter, but is currently working for an insurance company. All three stories by Ferdinand von Schirach are heading for a surprising turn.

picture credits: Cover: btb Verlag

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